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okay im really excited about Survivor 24.

its apparently been posted on Survivor Sucks, which is like a big website where people post speculations on the locations and twists of future seasons, that it will be called “Survivor: One World” and it will have tribes of men versus women living on the same beach.

im really intrigued by this. ive always wondered how the game would play out if they divided the tribes up based on sex. well i mean they did it in amazon and vanuatu. but i dunno that was so long ago it may be different now. especially with them living on the same beach that just makes it that much more interesting. they’ll be interacting with each other from day one and it would make the post-merge alliances less likely to be tribe-specific like it usually is.

i dunno. this could be a good game changer.

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    that sounds awesome omg. I mean they have been divided like this in two seasons already (amazon and vanuatu) but thats...
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